po-RI-look is over!

Over a hundred participants of „po-RI-look“ youth initiative, through 12 activities („looks“) that were held during the last year, discovered unknown parts of Rijeka’s history, as well as its future. For a year, we dealt with stories connected to Rijeka and visited many of the town’s locations.

Since the „po-RI-look“project was financed by the European Comission through the Youth in Action program, all participants of the initiative got their Youthpass diplomas, with descriptions of their participation int he initiative. This Tuesday, 24th June 2014, in the City Hall, participants were awarded with their diplomas during the ceremony in which the project and its results were also presented.

What we did for a year?

As a part of Look 1, we visited a tunnel shelter dating from the World War II and discussed the touristic, cultural and entrepreneurial potential of around 80 similar shelters that can be found under the city. In July, using our cameras, we explored the connection between Rijeka and the sea, through the photo contest „Seaside/maritime/coastal Rijeka“(Look 2).

August was dedicated to video creation – while making a 15-minute movie „Rijeka – the city of rock? “ we questioned the roots of Rijeka’s rock identity. Then, we organized a guided walk around the city centre and listened to a story about ten buildings built by different generations in different contexts, which motivated us to discuss what our generation will leave behind. In October, we had some problems with the weather, so we had to hold Look 5 indoors, in CTC Rijeka, where we visited beloved hang-out places of young people of Rijeka – Delta and Kont – in a virtual way. We heard the story of their past, discussed their importance for the young people of today and took a look into their future as planned in the „Rijeka Gateway“ project.

During the year of our initiative, we devised new, entertaining learning methods. One of them was definitely the city game – an educational game played in teams in which participants have to manage their way around the city, solve tasks and gather as many points possible. The theme of our city game was the Free State of Fiume (Look 6). After the game, we concluded that such a form of learning about a city could be offered to Rijeka’s tourists, as a new, interactive method of getting to know a particular place.

In December, topic of our interest was Torpedo (Look 7) – we explored the influence that Torpedo had on the development of Rijeka and discussed potential roles that its launching ramp could have today. Some of the ideas included: reconstructing all three launching ramps and turning them into educational multimedia weapon museum, launching torpedoes as a tourist attractions, turning the complex into an amusement park, etc. Since the walk to the launching ramp incited the conversation about the entire ex. Industrial street (today, Milutina Barača), young people concluded that the entire street holds enormous value in the history of Rijeka and that, together with Vodovodna and Ružić streets, it should have greater importance for the live of our city.

During the initiative, we concluded that Rijeka can have better, more interesting postcards for the young people – virtual postcards (Look 8). We decided against waiting for someone else to make them and did the job ourselves. Using the Adobe Photoshop, we created a dozen virtual postcards that will find their place in our mobile app, to be used as a multilingual guide around Rijeka for the young.

In February, we tested our knowledge about the important people that marked Rijeka’s past and present by playing a pub quiz (Look 9). Some participants of the initiative worked on forming the questions, while some competed in the game. Look 10, held in March, motivated us to show our creativity through artwork dealing with the topic of Rijeka in the future. April was dedicated to sport, so the participants of the initiative participated in the largest street race in Croatia, „Homo si teć“, where we ran as a collective, thinking about the importance of active and healthy life.

In Look 12, we actively thought about the industrial heritage. We visited the exhibition „RIP – Rijeka’s Industrial Past“in the Rijeka City Museum. With expert guidance from Museum’s principle, Mr Ervin Dubrović, we learned about industrial plants and complexes that are a part of Rijeka’s past. Factories producing chocolate, alcohol, hats, ropes, cans, paper, beer, communal slaughterhouses and many other are a reminder of some other times, but also a great cultural and urban potential. That made us think about what the former industrial story of Rijeka could mean for the town’s future.

Our year of working, thinking and playing together was concluded with another city game, this time on the topic of Rijeka itself that served as a test on everything our po-RI-look people learned through the 12 Looks.

Apart from hanging out, learning about Rijeka’s historical, cultural and industrial heritage and actively thinking about its future, participants of the initiative also had to do administrative tasks. They wrote memos and letters to contact authorized institutions and informed the media of their activities. They also maintained Internet and Facebook pages of the initiative and documented all activities for the purpose of reporting to donators. They learned a lot about Rijeka, but also about project management, which is something that can definitely come in handy in their quest for employment.


But that’s not all!

Youth initiative „po-RI-look“served as a motivation for another initiative. Po-RI-look people realized that there is no mobile app about Rijeka that could give the young tourists and visitors of t e city all necessary information in one place. They wrote and applied the „po-RI-look digital edition“project, got funded and are already working on the development of the mobile application. Photos, city games and virtual postcards created during „po-RI-look“will be used during the development of the new mobile app.

We tested the knowledge of our po-RI-look folks with another City game!

Through our 12 Looks, that we organized and implemented in the last year for more than a hundred young people of Rijeka, the form of the city game turned out to be most interesting and educational among the activities. For that reason, we decided to organize another city game as the final activity of our youth initiative, in order to check how well young people know Rijeka and what they have learned about it in the last year.

Three groups of young people competed in the centre of Rijeka. They received their maps, with five marked points, and their tasks – they had to find out the meaning of the word indeficienter, discover who Karolina Riječka was, which is the smallest street in Rijeka, what banknote has the picture of St Vitus’ Cathedral, etc.

The winning team was the Experts with 38 points. Congratulations!

We have come to an end!

After 12 Look’s, one year, few walks, two city game’s, photo contest, film, pub quiz and running through Rijeka we have come to an end of youth initiative “po-RI-look”.

We wil show everything what is done in last year on Tuesday, 24th of June 2014, in Rijeka’s City Hall  at 2 p.m.

Every participant of  the initiative will get Youthpass diploma. Ofcourse, we will prepare something to eat and drink for the guests ;-)

You just have to come! Se you there!

Look 12: Rijeka’s industrial past

As a part of Look 12 of our initiative we dealt with the topic of Rijeka’s industrial heritage. We visited the exhibition in Rjeka’s Town Museum entitled “RIP – Rijeka’s Industrial Past” and with expert guidance by the Museum’s Director, Mr. Ervin Dubrović, discussed industrial plants and activity that are now a part of Rijeka’s history. Factories that once produced chocolate, hats, rope, cans, paper, beer, communal slaughterhouses and many more are left as abandoned industrial buildings, standing as reminders of some times gone by but also as carriers of huge cultural and urban potential. Seeing large images of these buildings motivated us to think about and discuss what Rijeka’s industrial past could mean for its future.

For everyone interested, here are some photos from the activity.


Look 12: Industrial heritage of Rijeka

On Wednesday, 21st May 2014, at 16:00, we will hold the last Look of our youth initiative. A year passes by so quickly, and in this Look, we will deal with the topic of Rijeka’s industrial heritage – everyone has an opinion on it!

We will visit a multimedia exhibition with a symbolic title “RIP (Rijeka’s industrial Story) in Rijeka City Museum and learn more about the interesting topic and town spaces that are abandoned, hidden or unknown from the exhibition curator. Entrance fee for the museum is 10 kunas.

Join us, enjoy the exhibition and mark the last activity of our dear, year-old initiative!